About NCQP

About NCQP

General Contest Info

The first running of the NC QSO Party was sponsored by RARS in 1970.  Since that time the contest has been run by the Alamance ARC and the Forsyth ARC, and in 2013 returned to the Raleigh ARS.

Meet the North Carolina QSO Party Committee

Marty Young, W4MY, NCQP Committee Chairman

I was first licensed as WN4OAR in 1976 as a teenager. Radio has always been very important to me. My parents thought I would outgrow it – HI! My first NC QSO Party entry was in 2004. I work CW mostly and enjoy that very much when radio contesting. Some of my other radio interests are satellites, building, QRP, and repairing antique tube gear. Participarte in POTA/SOTA activation, Field Day, public service, and just having fun with ham radio. My other hobbies include hiking, camping (goes great with portable/expedition operating,) and mechatronics as a Maker.  I'm semi-retired now and my part time job is consulting a small technology business in bringing their product line to the amateur radio community. The pic is one of me on a resent SOTA activation in mid NC.

The NCQP chairmanship presents a big challenge, but one I am privileged and honored to be a part. I believe in the strength of the top notch committee team we have assembled. Together, our goal is to bring the NC QSO Party into the top tier of all state QSO parties. One and all are welcome to participate and compete for an award. Mostly, however, it's all about having fun in this grand hobby of ours. See you in the pileups!

Marty, W4MY

Andy Peterson, AA9P, "IT Guy"

Andy PetersonLike Marty, I was first licensed in my teenage years, though for me that was in 1992 as N9NTI.  I have enjoyed doing local club work, public service, VHF packet radio and the like.  I was introduced to contesting at ARRL Field Day in Aurora IL, where the packet operation happened to share a camper with a world class phone Op on 20 meters.  He looked like he was having a TON of fun, and I was hooked too.

I still enjoy working Field Day every year with RARS, as well as dabbling in contests as time allows from my little-pistol station in Cary.  Sweepstakes remains one of my favorite events along with NAQP and NCQP.

My day job has me working with data and analytics, solving problems, and implementing processes to make business and technology run smoothly for fiber-based Internet providers. Who knew that contest organizers have some of the same challenges?

Andy, AA9P

Marc Sullivan, W4MPS, Log Analyst

I've been continuously licensed since 1964, over 50 years and still loving our great hobby as much now as I did back then. Most of my air time is devoted to chasing DX, contesting and digital modes, although I have had fun in other areas such as satellite communications (VUCC) and Summits On The Air (SOTA). I especially enjoy operating portable, running QRP battery power with my KX3 and experimenting with all types of antennas in the field. For NCQP my XYL and I love combining an expedition to a needed county with a weekend getaway to an area we hadn't previously explored. I'll be analyzing your NCQP log submissions and will make every effort to insure that the results are posted accurately, in the shortest time possible. Working with Marty, W4MY and the rest of our NCQP team has been a great pleasure. We all look forward to continuing our efforts to make our state's QSO party one of the best.
Marc, W4MPS

Dwayne Ayers, N4MIO, Awards Manager

First licensed in 1983 as KB4GDV. Soon after obtaining my novice license field day rolled around, the old timers of the Alamance ARC coerced myself and another new novice into operating the 40 meter CW station...Wow, what a trip! I have been in love with CW ever since.

Glad to be serving as Awards Mananger again for the NCQP.

My newest passion is motorcycle riding, in August of 2015 I bought my first bike. I have been enjoying the wind in my face and saving a ton of gas money!

73, Dwayne N4MIO

Steve Jenkins, W4MGT, Website Administrator

I was first licensed in 1980 as KA8HXX as a Novice.  Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of the hobby.  Building antennas, fixing old gear, and participating in Field Day have always been my favorite activities.  My other hobbies are camping, backpacking, sailing, and woodworking.  Spending time with my family is extremely important to me.  When I can convince the family to participate in one of my hobbies, it's a win.  When I can convince the family to go camping AND participate in the NC QSO Party it's nirvana!

The first NC QSO Party I entered was in 2015.  I convinced the family to go camping in a very tiny cabin in freezing rain and snow.  "Come on, it'll be fun", I said.  We had a blast, and for the next few years I've tried to make it up to them by planning NC QSO Party outings with better accommodations, better food, and luckily better weather.

I look forward to serving on the NC QSO Party committee.  I hope to help introduce this fun, exciting, yet challenging aspect of our hobby to newcomers, and continue to learn from the Oldtimers.

Steve, W4MGT

Bob Starkenburg, W4TTX, Eastern North Carolina At-large Representative

I’ve had an interest in radio since I was a kid, and built a couple of Heathkit radios during the halcyon days of my youth.  I did not, however, become a licensed amateur radio operator until 2002 when I got my technician’s license as KG4VKQ.  I joined RARS at that same time and shortly thereafter participated in my first ARRL Field Day under the tutelage of one Andy Peterson, AA9P.  Andy ignited in me a love for radiosport.  I have organized Field Day for RARS on and off over the years, and participated in a number of contests (FD, NCQP, IOTA among others) with some of my colleagues on this committee.

I am a retired physician.  Along with ham radio I enjoy photography, cooking, hunting, and camping.  I am beginning to get an itch for portable ops and will be putting together some gear for POTA/SOTA - hopefully in the near future.  Stay tuned...

It’s an honor to have been asked to serve on the NCQP Committee and I look forward to making a positive contribution to this exciting hobby.

Bob, W4TTX

Marty Wood, N4AMW, Western North Carolina At-large Representative

I was first licensed as KI4ZDV in 2007. I’ve had an interest in radio electronic equipment since I was young when our country was fully engaged in the Space Race. I am a former Air Force Communications Specialist and served in Electronic Security Command overseas in Germany. I worked the MARS station with other Hams during my career in the Air Force. I started in Ham radio after moving to eastern North Carolina.

Now, I’m involved in my local club doing field days and NC QSO. I also enjoy POTA because of the opportunities and challenges of outdoor operations. I am a retired TV engineer, where I did remote broadcasting for 25+ years. I work now to support my habits of Ham radio and motorcycling.

Marty Wood, [Marty #2] N4AMW

NCQP Advisory Committee

Bill Morine, N2COP, Vice Director, ARRL Roanoke Division
John Honeycutt, N8ZU, President, Raleigh Amateur Radio Society
Carl Davis, W8WZ, past President, RARS