Paper Logs: A thing of the past!

Paper Logs: A thing of the past!

As you might have heard this is the last year you'll be able to submit your QSO logs on paper via the USPS. There are a number of reasons for this. Electronic logs can be submitted online which increases the speed the results can be released. Cabrillo file QSO logs can be tabulated by computer taking the human element out (have you seen your handwriting lately??) of it also increasing the speed in producing results. Finally, the guy that is counting your QSOs, hes not getting any younger, his eyesight isn't what it used to be, do you want him tabulating your logs?

For these reasons we are moving away from paper QSO logs and moving to Cabrillo File logs. This short video tutorial will walk you through how to convert your paper QSOs into Cabrillo files ready for submission.

Here is the link to the video tutorial on how to make the conversion:

How to convert your paper logs to Cabrillo file logs.


And will lead to a Tutorial Video. And eventually it will lead to step by step tutorial not yet ready