Thank You to our Bonus Team

Thank You to our Bonus Team

The bonus ops this year were out there front and center for the taking. We had a record number of sweeps. Close to 200. Marc, W4MPS, created the certificate and disseminated it to each of those successful in gaining a QSO with all five bonus stations.


The NC Ham Activators, NC4NP (North Carolina Four National Park) headed up by David, ND1J. John, K4SGR, with logger Sarah, KN4SGR, Howard, WB4GUD, Chip K2KJD, Meg, K5MEG, and David, ND1J, operated N4D. “November Four Duke” from Macon County did a great job of putting up QSOs for the QSO Party bonus. N4D was on the air the entire 10 hour period, giving everyone lots of opportunity to work them. Ops were attempted on all bands and QSOs made on 80/40/20/15/10. A big thank you goes out to these guys.


Floyd Sense, K8AC, is no stranger to the upper part of the mixed mode award listings in NCQP over the years and he did us a great favor in applying his skills in handing out bonus QSOs. I asked Floyd to volunteer for this job based on his consistent participation and support. Funny co incidence is that my Drake TR-7 in my antique collection was modified and improved by Floyd and passed through other hands before it got to me. When talking to Floyd about it he was very generous and helpful in helping me get it to top condition. This is the type of ham we like to have working with us and we are grateful.


Bruce, N1LN, and Laurie Meier, N1YXU, took on N4K this year for us. Laurie is a Duke alumni and said she liked taking on the suffix letter “K” to commemorate Coach K’s retirement from Duke this year. Bruce and Laurie have a long relationship with us on the NCQP committee in offering their operations skills to help the QSO party. In those off years where they weren’t in the bonus lineup they were aligning with the Orange county club helping them. These guys are the truest of what ham radio service is all about.


Dick Godwin. K4JJW, hales from New Bern with a long list of awards to his credit. DXCC Honor Roll, 5 Band WAZ (including 160), VUCC 500+, the list goes on. Having Dick in the bonus lineup for the first time this year was a pleasure. I’ve worked Dick on the air outside of the QSO Party more than once (CW) and it was my pleasure to do so.


W4MY had the pleasure of teaming up with W4MPS to operate this one from chairman headquarters in Harnett county. We had a great time and made a lot of QSOs! It was a blast, conditions were better and participation was very good.

Congratulations to each of our sweep holders, and a big thank you to our bonus stations. As soon as the plaques and second place certificates are mailed in a couple of weeks, this one will be in the books!

73 Marty W4MY

NCQP Chairman

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